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Lou Brock - Awards And Accomplishments

stolen bases league led

1964, 1967 Won World Series ring as member of the St. Louis Cardinals
1966 Led league with most stolen bases (74)
1967 Led league with most at-bats (689), most runs (113) and most stolen bases (52)
1967, 1971-72, 1974-75, 1979 Selected for All-Star Game
1968 Led league with most doubles (46), most triples (14) and most stolen bases (62)
1969 Led league with most stolen bases (53)
1971 Led league with most runs (126) and most stolen bases (64)
1972 Led league with most stolen bases (63)
1973 Led league with most stolen bases (70)
1974 Set major league record for most steals in a season (118)
1974 Named The Sporting News' Player of the Year
1975 Earned the Jackie Robinson Award
1975 Earned the Roberto Clemente Award
1977 Broke Ty Cobb's career stolen bases record of 892
1979 Became 14th player in baseball to achieve more than 3,000 hits
1979 Earned the Hutch Award, which honors former Cincinnati Reds manager Fred Hutchinson
1979 Retired with career record of 938 stolen bases, a record at the time
1985 Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
2002 Earned the Horatio Alger Association of Distinguished Americans Award
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