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Grover Cleveland Alexander - Awards And Accomplishments

league wins record major

Alexander set over twenty National League records, many of which were not tied or broken until the modern baseball era.
1911 Major League record for a rookie pitcher of twenty-eight wins
1911-30 Major League record: 373 wins
1911-30 Most National League games pitched (696)
1911-30 Most National League wins (373)
1911-30 Led League in complete games pitched six times
1916 Major League record: sixteen shutouts in one season
1916 Major League record of a 1.22 earned-run average
1927 Second player in National League history to win twenty games for three different teams with twenty-one wins for the Cardinals
1939 Hall of Fame induction
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over 11 years ago

Wow, what an awesome, enlighening, powerful, moving, and factual recap of the life of Grover Cleveland Alexander. My dad and grandfather spoke of "ole Pete." I have nominated Grover to the Nebraska Hall Of Fame and this article is so insightful. It would be an honor bestowed in the name and honor of all sports and the benefits thereof, not to mention the HOPE that sports brings. We have no idea of what impact small tometown semi-pro baseball had of the life and vitality of small towns, villages and communities acrossss the country. My hometown, Farwell Nebraska is a neighboring town to Elba where GCA grew up. I have started a website (www.farwellathleticclub.com) to honor those local heroes and St. Paul, just 10 miles East, has the yearly Grover Cleveland Alexander Days in July to honor baseball and Grover. St. Paul is also the home of the Baseball Museum of Nebraska.

I loved the comments about GCA gaining his strength from 'acrtually 'corn-husking." Grover...........the original Cornhusker.....we love ya! Thanks for the memories!!

Walt Whitman....."I see great things in baseball. It's our game, the American game."