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Roberto Clemente - Clemente

documentary portrait

Clemente's life was celebrated in this Fox Sports Net documentary, which originally aired in March of 1998. Narrated by actor Jimmy Smits and combining home movies, media footage, and interviews with Clemente's friends and family members, the documentary provides a well-rounded portrait of Clemente. It also examines the impact of racism on Clemente's career. According to Steve Crowe in Knight Ridder/Tribune News Service, this video portrait "soars in capturing the pride of Puerto Rico's baseball grace and demand for dignity."

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about 10 years ago

Re: Fox Sports Net documentary on

Roberto Clemente - Clemente

I have a bat which is featured in this documentary about 59 minutes into the story. There is a still photograph of Roberto holding a bat in a 1972 uniform with'1,275 RBI's' written in marker along the barrel of the bat. I was wondering how I could obtain a copy of that picture. Any help pointing me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.