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Bonnie Blair Biography - Began Skating, Competed At Olympic Trials, Won Olympic Gold, Lost Focus As A Skater - SELECTED WRITINGS BY BLAIR:

1964- American speed skater American speed skater Bonnie Blair won six medals competing in three Winter Olympics Games, the second most medals won by a woman in the Winter Olympic Games (the first was Lydia Skoblikova). Of the six, five were gold, making Blair the only American woman to ever win five gold medals in the games. Blair was also the first American speed skater to win in more than one O…

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Derek Parra Biography - Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Further Information

1970- American speed skater Derek Parra Derek Parra turned his back on his successful career as an inline skater to hit the ice in hopes of making the Olympic Games as a speed skater. After an awkward transition, he was good enough to qualify for the 1998 Olympics, but a technicality prevented him from competing. Parra came back in 2002 to win a gold and silver medal from the Olympic Games …

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Cathy Turner Biography - An Outsider Sport, A Horse Race On Ice, Chronology, Awards And Accomplishments, Active Retirement - CONTACT INFORMATION

1962- American speed skater Cathy Turner At the 1994 Olympics, speedskater Cathy Turner was being just like the Cathy Turner everyone knew; tough, competitive and controversial. She took a tight corner in the 500 meter short-track race, shoulder to shoulder with her competition. A speedskater's hands glide over the surface of the ice to keep balance, but in this case, some said she u…

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