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Howard Cosell Biography - Family Influence, Career At Abc, Controversial Commentary, Monday Night Football, Chronology, Broken Ties

1918-1995 American sportscaster Sportscasting had never before known the likes of Howard Cosell, nor is it likely to see another like him again. He became an enormous figure despite the fact that he was verbose, egotistical, decidedly untelegenic, outspoken about controversial issues, and oblivious to the feelings of others. These negative attributes were almost equally balanced by his intelligenc…

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Ernie Harwell Biography - A Life In Baseball, Moves Up To The Majors, "thank You," Not "goodbye"

1918-2010 American sportscaster Ernie Harwell was known for decades as the "Voice of the Detroit Tigers." The play-by-play radio announcer broadcast his first game for the Tigers in 1960, and except for a single season with the California Angels in the early 1990s, he remained with the Tigers until his retirement in 2002 at the age of 84. Known for his perceptive and colorful narrations …

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Dick Vitale Biography - Coaches At All Levels, Soars With Cable Network, Chronology, Lebron James Controversy, Vitale's Impact

1939- American sportscaster ESPN's "mouth that roars," Dick Vitale, is more than a college basketball announcer. He is a cult figure, showman, power broker, author, columnist, Dick Vitale cameo actor, motivational speaker and frequent lightning rod for controversy. Players, coaches, fans and media respect his wisdom and influence; some mimic his "V-Speak,"…

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