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Howard Cosell


1918 Born in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
1918 Moves to Brooklyn, New York
1940 Graduates with honors from New York University law school
1944 Marries Mary Edith Abrams
1946 Begins practicing law in New York City
1953 Agrees to serve as unpaid radio host for ABC
1956 Signs six-week contract with ABC
1961 Becomes nightly sports reporter on WABC-TV in New York
1967 Defends Muhammad Ali's constitutional right to refuse military draft
1971 Shares Monday Night Football booth with Don Meredith and Frank Gifford
1975 Hosts short-lived Saturday Night Live With Howard Cosell
1982 Quits work as boxing announcer after brutal heavy-weight title fight
1984 Quits Monday Night Football, now bored by the sport
1985 Produces Sportsbeat television newsmagazine
1985 Releases autobiography I Never Played the Game
1985 ABC responds to criticisms in autobiography by canceling Sportsbeat
1990 Emmy Cosell dies
1992 Retires from broadcasting
1995 Dies of heart embolism in New York City

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