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Bob Costas

Living And Breathing Baseball

Costas had early aspirations for becoming a broadcaster. Growing up listening to people like Harry Caray and Howard Cosell inspired him to walk in their paths. Costas stated in an article for the Philadelphia Daily News: "I always thought the broadcaster was as much a part of the game as the game itself." His father was a sports fan, which helped to fuel the fire. It was his father who taught Costas about baseball and shared his love for Mickey Mantle. Costas carries that admiration of Mantle with him to this day, symbolized by Mantle's 1958 baseball card he keeps in his wallet.

In Costas's senior year in high school, he applied to Syracuse University, because he knew that is where broadcast greats Marty Glickman and Marv Albert had gone to school. In 1970 he began attendance at Syracuse University as a journalism major. Stan Alten, one of Costas's professors, stated to USA Today, "Bob is one of those natural talents that doesn't come along that often, just like a great poet. When those come your way, the best thing to do is make sure you don't screw him up by trying to change his style." In 1974, his final year of college, Costas was offered a job at KMOX-AM. He had submitted an application with them using a tape he had doctored by turning up the base, as his voice at the time did not sound very mature. Costas never dreamed that the stunt would actually work. He packed up his things and left immediately to go become the voice for the St. Louis Spirits of the American Basketball Association. Broadcasting on KMOX-AM was a dream for Costas. He recalls picking up the signal on a good night when he was young, and listening to Harry Caray broadcast in his phenomenal fashion. Costas admitted to the Rochester Times-Union, "I thought I was in way over my head. I only hoped to be adequate enough not to embarrass myself."


1952 Born in Queens, New York
1970 Graduates from Commack South High School
1970 Enrolls in Syracuse University
1974 Lands job in Syracuse with WSYR-TV and Radio
1974 Hired to broadcast games in St. Louis at KMOX-AM
1976 Begins working freelance for CBS
1980 Moves to working for NBC
1982 Offered a job hosting NBC pre-game show called "NFL 82" which he declines
1983 Teams up with Tony Kubek to broadcast the for the national baseball game of the week
1983 Marries Randi Krummenmacher
1984 Offered and accepts a job hosting NBC pre-game show called "NFL 84"
1986 Welcomes his first child Keith into the world
1988 Breaks into commentating for the Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea
1988 Launches show Later with Bob Costas
1992 Broadcasts the Summer Olympics from Barcelona, Spain
1996 Broadcasts Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia
2000 Testifies before Senate Judiciary Committee talking about the revenue and competition gap between large market teams and small market teams in Major League Baseball
2000 Publishes his first book Fair Ball: A Fan's Case for Baseball
2001 Files for divorce from his wife Randi

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