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Al Davis - Turmoil And Relocation

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Turmoil and Relocation

His reputation for upsetting the NFL establishment was solidified in 1982 when he sued the NFL for the opportunity to move his franchise from Oakland to Los Angeles. His victory cost the NFL $50 million dollars and led to a period of expansion and relocation that had more to do with money and less to do with loyalty to the fans. Davis's reputation took a beating in the press but privately other NFL owners took notice. Leading the opposition, Art Modell of the Cleveland Browns, soon changed his tune and went on a similar search for the sweetest deal. Davis, however, didn't stop there, eventually moving his team back to Oakland in 1995 because, among other reasons, he believed the L.A. Coliseum's size and lack of fan support was costing his team four to six points a game.

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