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Jack Dempsey


1895 Born June 24 in Manassa, Colorado
1910 Begins training with brother Bernie
1914 Fights in first recorded professional bout
1915 First uses name "Jack Dempsey"
1916 Marries Maxine Cates
1917 Meets manager Jack "Doc" Kearns
1917 Younger brother Bruce stabbed to death in a street fight
1919 Divorces Maxine Cates
1919 Wins heavyweight championship against Jess Willard
1920 Acquitted of draft evasion charges
1921 Successfully defends title against Georges Carpentier
1923 Fights Luis Firpo
1926 Marries Estelle Taylor
1926 Loses title to Gene Tunney
1927 Loses rematch to Tunney in "The Battle of the Long Count"
1928 Stars in The Big Fight with his wife, Taylor
1929 Promoter "Tex" Rickard dies
1933 Marries singer Hannah Williams
1936 Opens Jack Dempsey's Restaurant in New York City
1943 Divorces Williams
1954 Charter inductee into Boxing Hall of Fame
1958 Marries fourth wife Deanna Piatelli
1963 Jack "Doc" Kearns dies
1974 Closes Dempsey's restaurant
1983 Dies at age 87
1990 Hall of Fame induction

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