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Jack Dempsey

Selected Writings By Dempsey:

Jack Dempsey: The Manassa Mauler, Louisana State University Press, 1979.

The 100 Greatest Boxers of All Time, Bonanza, 1984.

Champions of the Ring, Robson, 1992.

The Boxing Register, McBooks Press, 1997.

Awards and Accomplishments

1919 Won heavyweight title against Jess Willard
1920 Defended title successfully against Billy Miske
1920 Defended title successfully against Bill Brennan
1921 Defended title successfully against Georges Carpentier
1923 Defended title successfully against Tommy Gibbons
1923 Defended title successfully against Luis Angel Firpo
1926 Lost title to Gene Tunney
1950 Named greatest boxer of the half-century by the Associated Press
1954 Charter inductee to Boxing Hall of Fame
1990 Inducted officially to Boxing Hall of Fame Dempsey retired with a career record of eighty total bouts, sixty wins, six losses, eight draws, fifty knockouts and six no decisions.

Is Dead Jack Dempsey (87,)

To many, Mr. Dempsey always remained the champion, and he always comported himself like one. He was warm and generous, a free spender when he had it and a soft touch for anybody down on his luck. After retirement from the ring, he made his headquarters in New York at Jack Dempsey's Restaurant, first at the corner of 50th Street across Eighth Avenue from the old Madison Square Garden and later at 1919 Broadway, where his partner was Jack Amiel, whose colt, Count Turf, won the Kentucky Derby….

Grantland Rice said Mr. Dempsey was perhaps the finest gentleman, in the literal sense of gentle man, he had met in half a century of writing sports; Mr. Dempsey never knowingly hurt anyone except in the line of business.

Source: Smith, Red. New York Times, June 1, 1983.

A Flame of Pure Fire, Harcourt Brace, 1999.

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