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Ken Dryden

Selected Writings By Dryden:

(With Mark Mulvoy) Faceoff at the Summit, Little Brown, 1973.

The Game: A Thoughtful and Provocative Look at a Life in Hockey, New York: Times Books, 1983.

In School: Our Kids, Our Teaching, Our Classrooms, McClelland & Stewart, 1995.

Where Is He Now?

After leaving hockey as a player, Dryden had a varied career. He went to Cambridge, England, to further his education. He also wrote a famous book about his hockey life called The Game, as well as other books. Dryden also worked as a youth recreation consultant and civil servant. In 1997, he returned to hockey as the president of the Toronto Maple Leafs, though he had no front office experience. Among other accomplishments, he got a new arena built (the Air Canada Centre) and got the team to the Eastern Conference Finals in 1999.

Finding a Way: Legacy of the Past, Recipe for the Future, University of Ottawa Press, 2002.

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