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Julius Erving - Dr. J: Getting Straight To The Point

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Dr. J: Getting Straight to the Point

Erving's nickname, "Dr. J," is a nom de guerre more widely recognized than any other in sport. Picked up years ago in the macho games of his youth, "Dr. J" has become the code word for a certain thunderous, awesome elegance on the basketball court.

Such is the distinction with which Erving … plays the game. Even his own teammates have been known to pause in wonderment at his airborne exploits. Many players nowadays can dunk the ball. Few, if any, can do so with Erving's flair. With hands so large they seem to reduce the basketball to grapefruit size, he can leave his feet far from the basket and float, angling as he goes, to jam the ball through the hoop.

Source: Barry Jacobs, Saturday Evening Post, November 1983, p. 64.

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