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Weeb Ewbank

The Later Years

Ewbank retired in 1974. A quiet man, he seldom got angry with his players, and he didn't do much boat-rocking, so the media rarely paid him much attention. Ewbank just happened to be in the right place when major events took place. He helped shape the game of football, helping make it what it is today. The "no-huddle" offense can be attributed to Ewbank. He was known for working with a simple offense, making it only as complicated as need be to cover all necessary tasks.

Weeb Ewbank had a big heart. He remained married to Lucy for sixty-nine years, had three daughters, many grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Over half a century later, Weeb could still remember the names and positions of the players he coached back in Ohio. When he passed away on November 17, 1998, at his home in Oxford, Ohio, Ewbank left behind quite a legacy. At his funeral, many of his former players were there—including Namath—but were too choked up to make any comments.

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