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Marshall Faulk

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Just as Marshall Faulk's career bloomed at San Diego State, so did his friendship with the team's wide receiver, Darnay Scott. Scott, born July 7, 1972, in St. Louis, grew up in a St. Louis housing project, then moved to San Diego in 1988 to live with his aunt and uncle.

Since Faulk and Scott grew up under similar conditions, they just clicked—and brought out the best in each of them both on the field and off. When the two offensive players weren't out on the field, they were standing on the sideline squirting water on each other.

San Diego coach Curtis Johnson noted their friendship in a Washington Post article, saying, "It's always something with those two kids. They're from similar backgrounds and this is the first time they've gotten a taste of being a child. They went to see the movie 'Candyman,' and they talked about how scared they were. I've seen them get in a big argument—I mean crying mad—over Nintendo."

After college, the 6-foot-1-inch, 204-pound Scott was selected by the Cincinnati Bengals in the 1994 draft. In 2002, he joined the Dallas Cowboys.

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