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Peggy Fleming

Awards And Accomplishments

1959 Won gold medal, United Figure Skating Association (USFSA) Bay Area Juvenile Championship
1960 Won gold medal, USFSA Pacific Coast Juvenile Championship
1961 Won gold medal, USFSA Pacific Coast Novice Championship
1962 Won gold medal, USFSA Pacific Coast Championship
1962 Won silver medal, USFSA National Novice Championship
1963 Won bronze medal, USFSA National Junior Championship
1964 Placed sixth at the Innsbruck Winter Olympic Games
1964 Placed seventh at the International Skating Union (ISU) World Championship
1964-68 Won gold medals, USFSA National Championship
1965 Won bronze medal, ISU World Championship
1966-68 Won gold medals, ISU World Championship
1967 Named ABC Athlete of the Year
1968 Received Babe Didrickson Zaharias Award
1968 Won gold medal, women's figure skating, Grenoble Winter Olympic Games
1974 Inducted into U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame
1976 Inducted into USFSA Hall of Fame
1976 Inducted into World Figure Skating Hall of Fame
1981 Inducted into International Women's Sports Hall of Fame
1997 Received U.S. Olympic Committee Olympic Spirit Award

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