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Doug Flutie Biography

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American football player

By all accounts Doug Flutie was a great college quarterback, putting his Boston College Eagles back on the map in the 1980s. His 63-yard pass, thrown with no time remaining on the clock, sealed a win over the defending

Doug Flutie

national champions, the University of Miami, in the 1984 Orange Bowl, and made him a media darling. A scrambling, think-on-your-feet, pass-on-the-run quarterback, Flutie's play was exciting to watch, but at just under five-feet-ten-inches, much too small by most National Football League (NFL) standards, he wouldn't get a real shot at proving himself in the NFL until his fourteenth season as a professional quarterback.


(With Perry Lefko) Flutie, Warwick Publishing, 1998.

Sketch by Kari Bethel

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