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Magdalena Forsberg

The Other Skiing Forsberg

Part of Forsberg's motivation for trying biathlon was her fiancee, Henrik Forsberg, who also began as a cross-country skier and then moved to biathlon. (The two were married in 1996; prior to her marriage to Henrik, Forsberg competed as Magdalena Wallin.) Henrik's sole win in his career came in a thirty kilometer cross-country race in 1991, but Forsberg plays down the difference in their records, attributing it to Henrik's many injuries. Because of that, he hasn t shown what he can do, she explained to CNN/SI before the 1998 Winter Olympics. Henrik missed two world championships, 1989 and 1993, because of illness, he broke his leg in 1996, and in 1997 he had surgery on one arm. Despite all of this missed time, Henrik has collected one second place finish and five third place finishes in World Cup events in his career in addition to his one win. He continues to compete, and finished forty-seventh in the twenty kilometer biathlon at the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics.

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