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Frank Gifford

Outstanding Player At Usc

Gifford finally joined the USC football team's roster as a legitimate player in 1949. He made a sensational debut with two interceptions in a game against the U.S. Naval Academy that year, and went on to become an accomplished player in both offensive and defensive positions. In the 1950-51 season at USC, Gifford was named to the Collier's All-American collegiate team, one of the most prestigious honors of the day. The recognition was followed by a ream of publicity that highlighted Gifford's matinee-idol looks and six-foot, one-inch, two-hundred-pound frame. Gifford later retained an acting agent and appeared in several small movie and television roles throughout the 1950s. He also appeared in numerous commercials for products ranging from Jantzen swim wear to Mennen after-shave lotion to Lucky Strike cigarettes.

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