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Ekaterina Gordeeva

First Olympic Gold

The pair won an Olympic gold medal in 1998, in Calgary. Gordeeva was sixteen, and Grinkov was twenty. In Sports Illustrated, E.M. Swift quoted skating champion and choreographer Sandra Bezic, who said, "He presented her so beautifully, like a cherished little sister. They are everything pairs skating should be."

After winning their fourth world championship, in 1990, the pair quit amateur competition, and joined Tom Collins's Tour of World Champions, planning to skate for four or five years, make some money, and then move on to separate careers. However, their plans changed when they fell in love during the Collins tour. Collins told Leigh Montville in Sports Illustrated, "You could see it happen. It was all very sweet. They were with each other all the time."

Gordeeva told Joanna Powell in Good Housekeeping, "There was something special about us. We never changed partners. I never skated with anyone else. I never touched anyone else, only Sergei. After we became lovers, our skating started to become more sensitive and more beautiful."

The two skaters were married in April of 1991, in Moscow; in 1992 they had a daughter, Daria.

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