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Ekaterina Gordeeva


1971 Born May 28 in Moscow, Soviet Union (now Russia)
1975 Begins skating at the Central Army Club in Moscow
1982 Begins partnership with Sergei Grinkov
1984 Competes in junior world championships
1985 Competes in junior world championships
1986 Wins first of four world championships
1988 Competes in Calgary Olympics
1990 Quits amateur competition to become professional skater
1991 Marries Grinkov
1992 Gives birth to daughter Daria
1994 Competes in Lillehammer Olympic Games
1994 Begins skating for Stars on Ice
1995 Grinkov dies from a heart attack
1996 Begins solo skating career
1998 Meets skater Ilia Kulik, becomes romantically involved
2001 Gives birth to daughter, Elizaveta
2002 Marries Kulik; considers a career in coaching

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