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Harold "Red" Grange - Glory Days Come To An End

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Glory Days Come to an End

In 1929 Grange returned to the Bears, but he was no longer in his prime. His injured knee hampered his running and cutting ability so severely that he considered retirement, but Halas convinced him to carry on. Grange's own financial concerns—he lost a significant amount of money when he invested in the AFL—may have motivated him as well. Grange supplemented his income with numerous public appearances and performances on the vaudeville circuit.

Grange stayed with the Bears for another five seasons, although he was eventually moved to the defensive line. He served the team well as a defensive back, however. In the first-ever NFL championship game, he made a touchdown-saving tackle late in the fourth quarter, securing the Bears' 23-21 victory over the New York Giants. Later, Grange was reduced to a utility player.

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