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Rocky Graziano

Selected Writings By Graziano:

Somebody Up There Likes Me, 1955.

Somebody Up There Likes Me

After publishing his autobiography in 1955, Graziano agreed to serve as a consultant for the film version of his life, which appeared on movie screens in 1956. He spent several weeks helping star Paul Newman learn his boxing technique, speech patterns, and physical movements in preparation for the film. Although Somebody Up There Likes Me took some dramatic licenses with the facts of Graziano's life and career—most notably, his second (and winning) title fight with Tony Zale is the film's climax, but his defeat in their third match is not included—the film's realism won praise from critics. Indeed, it is still cited as one of the best dramas of the 1950s, ranked alongside On the Waterfront, Marty, and Rebel Without a Cause. It also remains one of the best films about boxing ever made.

(With Ralph Corsel) Somebody Down Here Likes Me Too, Stein & Day, 1981.

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