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Hank Greenberg


1911 Born January 1 in New York, NY
1929 Signs with the Detroit Tigers; attends New York University one year
1930 Plays one game with the Tigers
1930-33 Plays in the minor leagues
1933 Becomes a starter with the Tigers
1934 Leads the American League with 63 doubles
1935 Leads the American League with 36 home runs and 170 RBI
1935, 1940 Wins American League's Most Valuable Player award
1937 Hits 58 home runs for a career record
1941 Enlists as an officer candidate in the Army Air Corps
1945 Returns to baseball, hitting a pennant-winning home run for the Tigers
1946 Marries department store heiress Carol Gimbel
1946 Becomes highest-paid baseball player of his day, with a $100,000 contract from the Pittsburgh Pirates
1947 Retires from baseball; becomes a baseball executive
1950 Becomes general manager of the Cleveland Indians
1956 Inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame
1959 Divorces Gimbel
1986 Dies of cancer at age 75

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