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Tony Gwynn

Tony On Tape

From very early in his career, Gwynn videotaped all of his at-bats and then studied them religiously to improve his nearly perfect technique. This practice began in 1983 when he asked his wife to tape a game during a time he felt his hitting was off. After watching the tape, he saw the error he was making. He quickly corrected it and relied on the tapes for the rest of his career, accumulating a library of them. This earned him the nickname "Captain Video." He once told Ebony magazine, "I do all of my preparation before I get into the batter's box—and then it's just about seeing the ball and hitting it." Gwynn favored hitting the ball in what he calls the 5.5 Hole, the gap between the shortstop and third base.

During the early 1990s, Gwynn became close friends with the great hitter Ted Williams, who became a mentor to him and spoke of Gwynn as the finest pure hitter of his generation. Williams suggested that Gwynn, a left-handed hitter, like himself and the great Stan Musial, should be the successor to his own title as the greatest living hitter. Some sportswriters argued that Musial should inherit the title, but Williams, who died in July 2002, favored Gwynn.

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