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Marvin Hagler


1954 Born in Newark, New Jersey
1967 Moves with family to Brockton, Massachusetts
1973 Turns pro
1973-75 Wins first 26 professional fights
1976 Loses first fight on January 13 to Bobby Watts
1977-86 Doesn't lose a fight in 10 years
1980 Marries Joann Dixon
1982 Legally adds "Marvelous" to his name
1986 World Boxing Association (WBA) withdraws recognition of Hagler as world middleweight champion
1987 Loses World Boxing Council (WBC) middle weight to Sugar Ray Leonard
1988 Retires
1989 Divorces; moves to Italy; stars in action-adventure movie Indio
1992 Stars in Indio 2: The Revolt

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