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George Halas


1895 Born February 2 in Chicago, Illinois
1919 Plays baseball with the New York Yankees
1920 Organizes the Decatur Staley's and takes the team to 13-1; formation of the American Professional Football Association in Canton, Ohio
1921 Receives $5,000 from Staley's Starch to start a franchise team in Chicago; reorganization of the APFA into the National Football League (NFL)
1922 Renames the Staley's team officially to Chicago Bears; marries Minnie Bushing on February 18
1925 Signs University of Illinois gridiron sensation Harold "Red" Grange to play with the Bears
1930 Retires permanently as a player and temporarily as a coach
1932 Buys out Bear's partner, Dutch Sternaman, for $38,000; serves as chairman of the NFL rules committee
1933 Emerges from retirement to coach the Bears
1943-45 Serves in the Pacific with the U.S. Navy
1955 Retires temporarily from coaching
1958 Returns as coach
1968 Retires altogether from coaching
1983 Dies in Chicago, Illinois

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