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Ernie Harwell


1918 Born on January 25 in Washington, Georgia
1930s Lands first job as a sports reporter and writer for Sporting News
1940 Lands first job as a sports radio announcer, at WSB in Atlanta, Georgia
1941 Marries wife Lulu
1940s Serves four years in the United States Marines
1948 Broadcasts for the baseball major leagues for the first time, for the Brooklyn Dodgers
1950 Becomes a radio broadcaster for the New York Giants
1951 Broadcasts the first U.S. coast to coast broadcast of a major sporting event
1954 Becomes radio sportscaster for the Baltimore Orioles
1960 Becomes radio sportscaster for the Detroit Tigers
1992 Tigers fire Harwell, begins broadcasting games for the California Angels
1992 Tigers rehire Harwell as broadcaster
1993 Resumes broadcasting for Tigers
2002 Broadcasts final home game on September 22
2002 Retires after season's last game

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