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John Heisman


1869 Born in Cleveland, Ohio
1887-88 Plays football for Brown University
1889-91 Plays football for University of Pennsylvania
1892 Coaches at Oberlin College
1892 Earns law degree from University of Pennsylvania
1893 Coaches at Buchtel College (now Akron University)
1894 Returns to coach at Oberlin College
1895-99 Coaches at Alabama A & M University (now Auburn University)
1900-03 Coaches at Clemson University
1903 Marries Evelyn Cox
1904-19 Coaches at Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
1919 Heisman and wife agree to divorce
1920-22 Coaches at University of Pennsylvania
1922 Authors The Principles of Football
1923 Coaches one year at Washington & Jefferson University
1924 Marries Edith Maora Cole
1924-27 Coaches at Rice University
1927 Retires from coaching
1929 Becomes director of the New York Downtown Athletic Club
1936 Dies in New York City
1936 The Downtown Athletic Club trophy, awarded annually to the best college football player, is renamed the Heisman Memorial Trophy

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