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Elroy Hirsch

Launches Pro Career

Hirsch was a running back for three seasons for the Chicago's AAFC entry, which changed owners annually and went 1-13 in 1948. Hirsch suffered a fractured skull and missed most of the 1948 season. Hirsch joined the Rams in 1950 and found the environment far different With Hall of Famers Norm Van Brocklin and Bob Waterfield alternating at quarterback, Hirsch and fellow wideouts Tom Fears and Bob Boyd challenged defenders game after game. Van Brocklin threw for 554 yards in one afternoon. "He was quick, elusive and deceptively fast, a deep-threat receiver who terrorized defensive backs for 12 pro seasons," the Sporting News wrote. "When Crazy Legs turned on the burners, somebody usually got scorched."

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