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Paul Hornung Biography

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American football player

Paul Hornung

Star running back Paul Hornung led the great Green Bay Packer teams of the early 1960s to four National Football League (NFL) championships. One of the most versatile football players ever, in addition to being a tenacious rusher—especially within the ten-yard line—Hornung also kicked field goals and extra points for the Packers, he was a halfback who could pass, he could even quarterback for the team in a pinch. From 1959 through 1961, Hornung led the NFL in points scored. He scored an astounding 176 points in 1960. An achievement that helped win him the Most Valuable Player award, it is a record that still stands as the all-time NFL season high. Hornung was famed for his exploits off the gridiron as well. He cultivated and relished his reputation as a ladies' man. In 1963 he was banished from the NFL for a full season for gambling. He was nonetheless cherished by other Green Bay players and the team's fans. "Paul was always the star of our team," Jerry Kramer wrote of his former teammate in his book Distant Replay, "we all loved Paul."


Address: Waterfront Plaza, Suite 1116, 325 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202. Email: autographs@paulhornung.com. Online: www.paulhornung.com.


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Sketch by Gerald E. Brennan

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