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Bobby Hull

Where Is He Now?

In retirement Bobby Hull splits his time between a home in Florida and his cattle ranching operations in eastern Ontario and New Brunswick. Hull also makes regular appearances at fan conventions, where he earns thousands of dollars signing memorabilia related to his legendary career. After a bitter divorce in 1980 from his wife of twenty years, Joanne McKay, Hull married Deborah Hull in 1984.

Hull was stung by the controversy surrounding his alleged racist remarks to a reporter in Russia in 1998. He claimed to have been misunderstood and misquoted but preferred not to prolong the affair by discussing the event in depth. Hull is especially proud of the NHL accomplishments of his son, Brett Hull, who currently plays for the Detroit Red Wings. "I want to see Brett in the Hockey Hall of Fame," he told Allen Abel of Sports Illustrated in April 1998, "And I want to see one of my grandsons follow suit."

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