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Arnold "Red" Auerbach

Auerbach's Legacy

That the Celtics sold for $360 million in September, 2002, reflects the market value of their legacy, of which Auerbach is the architect. "While the leprechaun may represent them in their logo, (Auerbach) is the true icon of the Boston Celtics," Peter Stringer wrote on the New England Sports Network Web site.

His impact also transcends sports. After the November, 2002, off-year congressional elections, Kevin Merida of the Washington Post interviewed Auerbach about the psychology of winning and losing. "You see, it's too easy to lose," he said of the Democratic Party's setbacks. "Sometimes you've already lost before you play—you've made your excuses ahead of time. "For instance, you have an injury, so you're expected to lose. This guy is hurt, blah, blah. See what I mean? … So you go in there with a defeatist complex.

"You show me a guy who loses an election and he's happy, he's an idiot. If you lose, you have to go out and say, 'I'm the unhappiest person in the world.' When you lose, I want you to be unhappy, I want you to be miserable."

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