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Jack Johnson


1878 Born March 31 in Galveston, Texas
1897 First professional fight
1898 Marries Mary Austin
1902 Defeats George Gardiner, former light-heavyweight world champion
1903 Defeats Denver Ed Martin, becoming unofficial black world heavyweight champion
1903 First wife dies
1908 Defeats Tommy Burns, becoming world heavyweight champion and sparking controversy because of his race
1910 Defeats Jim Jeffries, retired world heavyweight champion, and defends his title; race riots break out, and the public cries out for the "Great White Hope"
1911 Marries Etta (Terry) Duryea, a white divorcee from Brooklyn, provoking public outrage
1912 Second wife commits suicide
1912 Marries Lucile Frances Cameron, his white bookkeeper at the cabaret
1913 Convicted of violating the Mann Act, sentenced to one year and one day in prison
1913 Flees to Europe
1915 Loses title to Jess Willard in Havana, Cuba; insists fight was fixed
1920 Returns to United States and serves prison term
1924 Divorces third wife
1925 Marries Marie Pineau, a white divorcee
1946 Dies in car crash in North Carolina

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