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Jim Kelly

So Close, So Far

The Bills' would go on a record setting streak of four consecutive Super Bowl appearances in the early 1990's. In his second Super Bowl appearance, Kelly threw four interceptions and the Bills lost to the Washington Redskins, 37-24. The following year, the Bills weren't as dominate but an improbable playoff run led them back to the Super Bowl. An injury sidelined Kelly but he returned to play in the AFC championship game and then the Super Bowl where the Dallas Cowboys handed the Bills a humiliating loss, 52-17. In 1993, the Bills made history becoming the first team in major professional sports to lose four straight years in a championship game. The game also made history for being the first Super Bowl rematch. The defending Dallas Cowboys soundly defeated Buffalo, 30-13. Despite leading the league in completion percentage the next year, the Bills failed to make the playoffs. The final two years of his career were riddled by injury and disappointment. Kelly retired a Buffalo Bill in 1996.

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