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Nancy Kerrigan

Selected Writings By Kerrigan:

(With Steve Woodward) Nancy Kerrigan: In My Own Words. New York: Hyperion Paperbacks for Children, 1996.

Awards and Accomplishments

1988 Gold medalist, National Collegiate Championships
1989 Gold medalist, New England Senior and Eastern Senior; bronze medalist, World University Games and U.S. Olympic Festival
1990 Gold medalist, U.S. Olympic Festival
1991 Bronze medalist, U.S. Championships, World Championships
1992 Silver medalist, U.S. Championships and World Championships; bronze medalist, Olympics
1993 Gold medalist, U.S. Championships
1994 Silver medalist, Olympics
2000 Bronze medalist, Goodwill Games

(With Mary Spencer) Artistry on Ice: Figure Skating Skills and Style. Champagne, IL: Human Kinetics, 2003.

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