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Don King


1931 Born August 20 in Cleveland, Ohio
1950-67 Numbers runner in Cleveland
1954 On December 12, shoots and kills Hillary Brown, who is attempting to rob one of King's gambling houses. The shooting is ruled a "justifiable homicide."
1967 On April 20, beats Sam Garrett to death. Convicted of second degree murder, but sentenced on a reduced manslaughter charge, to Marion Correctional Institute, in Ohio.
1971 Paroled on September 30
1972 Brings Muhammad Ali to Cleveland to fight in exhibition match on behalf of a local black hospital
1973 Becomes co-manager of Larry Holmes with Don Butler, by 1975 Butler has been eased out (he later sues King)
1974 Promotes "Rumble in the Jungle" between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman
1975 Promotes "Thrilla in Manilla" between Ali and Joe Frazier, often considered the greatest boxing match ever
1977 Investigated by FBI for doctoring fighters' records; no charges filed, but ABC cancels contract with King for several fights
Early 1980s Again investigated by FBI as part of larger probe in boxing; no charges filed
1983 Granted full pardon for earlier murder conviction by Governor of Ohio
1984 Indicted on insurance fraud charges, with secretary Constance Harper
1984 Promotes Michael Jackson's reunion "Victory Tour" with Jackson brothers
1984 Indicted on insurance fraudcharges, with secretary Constance Harper
1985 Acquitted of insurance fraud (Harper found guilty)
1985 Found not guilty of insurance fraud (Harper found guilty)
1988 Sued by Larry Holmes for $300,000 (settles for $100,000)
1988 Signs Mike Tyson
1995 Tried on wire fraud charges stemming from the insurance fraud investigation; case ends in a mistrial
1998 Acquitted in second trial for wire fraud
1998 Sued by Mike Tyson for $100 million
2002 Sues longtime rival Bob Arum for "stealing" heavyweight Julio Cesar Chavez

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