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Bill Koch

Contact Information

Address: c/o Sports Unlimited, 1991 NW Upshur, Suite B, Portland, OR 97209. Fax: 503-227-4383. Phone: 503-227-3449. Email: Sandski2000@cs.com. Online: www.sportsu.com; www.sandskiing.com.

Where Is He Now?

After moving to Ashland, Oregon with his wife Kathy and their two children, Koch returned to Hawaii, where he skis the sand and teaches other skiers, ranging from complete novices to experienced snow skiers, how to sand ski. In 2000 he held a "Sandskiing Safari" for twenty Alaskans. He continues to offer sandskiing training camps several times a year. On his Web site, www.sandskiing.com, he collects information on beaches with skiable sand, offers tips on equipment and etiquette, and provides ski condition reports for Hawaii beaches.

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