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Marion Ladewig

Awards And Accomplishments

1941 Western Michigan Gold Pin Classic doubles
1945 National women's high average
1949 First BPAA Women's All-Star Tournament; national women's high average
1950 Women's All-Star Tournament
1951 WIBC All-Events titles at city, state and national levels; Women's All-Star Tournament
1952 WIBC and Women's All-Star tournaments; national women's high average
1953 Michigan Woman Athlete of the Year
1954 Women's All-Star Tournament
1955 WIBC All-Events; WIBC doubles; national women's high average; Jo Ettien Lieber Award for Distinguished Service to the Game of American Tenpins from NWBW
1956 Women's All-Star Tournament
1957 World Invitational title
1958 WIBC doubles
1959 First woman named to Michigan Sports Hall of Fame; Women's All-Star Tournament; WIBC doubles
1960 First PWBA Tournament; World Invitation title
1961 Fourth place Associated Press Woman Athlete of the Year
1962 World Invitational title
1963 World Invitational title; Women's All-Star and WIBC tournaments
1964 World Invitational title; Inducted WIBC Hall of Fame
1973 Voted Greatest Woman Bowler of All Time by BWAA
1984 Inducted Women's Sports Foundation Hall of Fame
1991 Inducted International Bowling Museum Hall of Fame
1995 Inducted Professional Women Bowlers Hall of Fame
2000 Named to Sports Illustrated 100 Sports Women of the Century

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