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Jake LaMotta


1921 Born July 10 in New York, New York
1941 Turns pro
1947 Throws fight with Billy Fox
1949 Wins world middleweight title from French champion Marcel Cerdan
1951 Loses title to "Sugar" Ray Robinson
1954 Final fight, a loss to Billy Kilgore
1950s Becomes owner of a Miami Beach bar
1958 Serves six months on a chain gang in Dade County, Florida for corrupting the morals of a minor
1960 Testifies before Kefauver Committee, admitting to taking dive in 1947
1970 Publishes autobiography Raging Bull: My Story
1970s Begins to perform standup comedy routines in New York
1981 Film adaptation of Raging Bull, is released
1998 Son Jack dies of liver cancer
1998 Son Joseph killed in crash of Swissair Flight 111
1998 Sues Swissair, Delta, McDonnell-Douglas, and Boeing for $125 million

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