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Charles Barkley

Barkley For Governor

Barkley's new contract also gives him a spot on CNN's Talkback Live, where he comments on current news issues during the NBA season. The assignment reflects Barkley's strong interest in social and political issues. He said in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that he would not represent a Republican or Democratic viewpoint, but rather would express his own opinions. However, for several years he has talked about running for governor of Alabama as a Republican. Barkley has always been outspoken on the subjects of race and class. He hates the commonly held idea that sports are the only route to success for young blacks. In Sports Illustrated he summarized his political motivation by saying, "I want to be able to tell people that there's no difference between white folks and black folks." Barkley has criticized other black athletes, including his friends Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods, for not speaking out. He says he is different because he is willing to be ridiculed.

Barkley manages to be entertaining, maddening, and thought-provoking all at once. His super-sized persona matches both his figure and his phenomenal career in professional basketball. Standing half-a-foot shorter than many of his adversaries on the court, he became a leading rebounder. While struggling to keep his weight under 300 pounds, he nevertheless outpaced them as well. A tiny handful of players have better records in rebounding, scoring, and assists. The NBA star has explained that his accomplishments come from being willing to work hard and truly wanting to succeed. Barkley joked at his retirement from basketball, "Just what the country needs: another unemployed black man." But with his growing presence on television and political aspirations, it should be fascinating to see what Charles Barkley does next.

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