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Rod Laver

Awards And Accomplishments

Davis Cup: 1959-62, 1973; 16-4 in singles and 4-0 in doubles.
Retired in 1978, Laver won 47 titles and was runner-up 21 times in his 23-year career both in amateur and pro tennis, and was in the World Top Ten for 13 years between 1959 and 1975, ranked number 1 in 1961, 1962, 1968, and 1969.
1959 Australian doubles; Wimbledon mixed doubles
1960 Australian singles; Australian doubles; Wimbledon mixed doubles
1961 Wimbledon singles; Australian doubles; French doubles; French mixed doubles
1962 Australian singles; French singles; Wimbledon singles; U.S. singles
1968 Wimbledon singles
1969 Australian Open singles; French Open singles; Wimbledon singles; U.S. Open singles; Australian Open doubles
1971 Wimbledon doubles

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