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Meadowlark Lemon

Where Is He Now?

Lemon resides in Scottsdale, Arizona, with his wife, Cynthia. His organization, Meadowlark Lemon Ministries, is based there. Besides traveling around the United States preaching, Lemon hosts a weekly talk show for the Trinity Broadcasting Network, aptly titled, "The Meadowlark Lemon Show." On the program, he interviews athletes who attribute their skills to God.

In 2002, the 70-year-old Lemon began making plans to hit the basketball court again. He'd calculated that he'd played in nearly 10,000 games—but not quite. He organized a tour of the Meadowlark Lemon Harlem All-Stars to help him achieve his goal of playing 10,000 professional games. For an NBA player to achieve that feat, he would have to play 100 games a year for 100 years.

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