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Sugar Ray Leonard

'everything I Did Worked'

"I went against history, and now they'll have to rewrite the books. …Someone said before the fight, 'Two things will not happen this year: Oliver North will not be back in the White House, and Sugar Ray Leonard will not beat Marvin Hagler.' I think they better check the White House." —Sugar Ray Leonard

… Leonard had beaten Marvelous Marvin Hagler to pull off the most extraordinary comeback in recent sports history….

What Leonard had passed through was so physically and emotionally draining that it left him groping to fathom what he had done. What he had done … was emerge out of a virtual five-year retirement and lift the title from Hagler, a man who had held it for nearly seven years, since Sept. 27, 1980, and through 12 defenses.

Source: Nack, William. Sports Illustrated, (April 20, 1987): 50.

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