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Charles Barkley

Inside The Nba

In his new role as basketball analyst, Charles Barkley is one of the main reasons that Inside the NBA has earned rave reviews. Writing for Sports Illustrated, Jack McCallum suggested that the TNT program was so "absurdly good" that it defies analysis. The show is energized by the trash-talking exchanges of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, and Barkley, with a heavy reliance on the unpredictability of Barkley's wit and venom. Sometimes the humorous exchanges escalate into slapstick, such as when Barkley did weekly "Fat Trak" weigh-ins and when he lost a bet with Smith over whether Houston's Yao Ming could score nineteen points in a game. Barkley lived up to his promise to kiss Smith's ass, which turned out to be a donkey hired for the occasion. Despite the former NBA star's controversial views on subjects ranging from international players to gender roles and race, he is becoming more popular than ever as a broadcaster.

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