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Eric Lindros

Drafted By Quebec

By the time of the 1991 NHL draft, the first Lindros was eligible for, he was the clear cut best player available. As Joe Lapointe of the New York Time wrote, "The scouts and press clippings say Lindros has the size of Mario Lemieux, the earning potential of Wayne Gretzky, the potential impact of Bobby Orr and the mean streak of Gordie Howe." The first pick of the draft was held by the Quebec Nordiques, a team Lindros publicly stated he would not play for for a number of reasons. It was a last-place, small market team, there were ethnic and political tensions in the French-Canadian city, and he would have to pay high taxes.

Despite Lindros's stance, Quebec selected him with the first pick. As he stated before the draft, Lindros refused to sign with them. He had some leverage as he already had endorsement deals, and had the option of not turning professional for several years, letting Quebec's hold on him run out. Lindros sat out the 1991-92 season, returning to the Oshawa Generals. In 1992, he also played for Team Canada at the Winter Olympics and in Canada Cup play. In the former, Lindros contributed five goals and six assists to silver medal victory for Canada.

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