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Greg Maddux

The Best Pitcher In All Of Baseball

In 1997, after leading the Braves for the third consecutive season to the National League Championship Series, Maddux signed a $57.5 million dollar contract to continue with the Braves for five years and has won the National League Golden Glove each year since then. In 2002, Maddux became the second pitcher, after Cy Young, in major league history to win at least 15 games a season for 15 consecutive seasons. Maddux currently ranks 2nd in the National League with an overall Earned Run Average of 2.62. Philadelphia Phillies manager Jim Fregosi is quoted in Baseball Digest, saying that, "He is the best pitcher in the National League. Maybe in all of baseball." Maddux takes his place among the legends of baseball with his usual nonchalance. He confessed to Newsweek, "I'll probably realize the meaning of all this after I'm gone, after I am history. But until then I'll just blow it off."


1966 Born in San Angelo, Texas
1977 Moves to Las Vegas and plays in Ralph Medar's development camp
1983-84 Pitches on the Nevada All-State Team
1984 Drafted by the Chicago Cubs as a second round choice
1986 Promoted to Triple-A status, named to the Baseball America Triple-A All-Star Team
1990 Achieves his first 20 game season
1992 Becomes a free-agent and signs with the Atlanta Braves
1995 Becomes the first pitcher since Walter Johnson in 1918-19 to maintain an ERA below 1.80 for two consecutive seasons
1997 Signs a 5 year $57.5 million dollar contract to continue with the Braves
2002 Wins his 13th Golden Glove Award
2003 Asks for $16 million in arbitration with Atlanta Braves. Team offers 13.5 million

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Mike Maddux, Greg's older brother, was named pitching coach for the Milwaukee Brewers in 2002 after a 15-year major league career. Maddux spent three years playing college baseball at the University of Texas at El Paso, before cracking the major leagues. Both he and his brother began their major league careers in 1986. That same year, they made history as the first pair of rookie brothers to challenge each other on the pitcher's mound.

The year 1991 was Maddux's best season. He pitched relief for the San Diego Padres. Maddux co-led the pitching staff with 64 appearances and recorded seven victories, five saves and a 2.46 ERA. During his career Maddux played on nine different teams. In 2000 he signed with the Houston Astros. Before then he had donned the Phillies, Dodgers, Padres, Mets, Pirates, Red Sox, Mariners, and Expos uniforms.

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