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Bruce Baumgartner - Awards And Accomplishments

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Awards and Accomplishments

First United States wrestler to win three Olympic medals. One of only five U.S. athletes to win medals at four Olympic competitions.
1980 Midlands Tournament Champion
1980-96 National Freestyle Champion
1981 World University Champion; Midlands Tournament Champion
1982 National College Athletic Association Division I champion, heavyweight; Midlands Tournament Champion
1983 Bronze medal at the World Championships; silver at the World Cup Championships; silver at Tiblisi Tournament; silver at Pan-American Games; Sports Festival Champion; Midlands Tournament Champion
1984 Gold medal at the Olympic games; gold medal at Tiblisi Tournament; won Amateur Athletic Union National Championship; Midlands Tournament Champion
1984-86, 1989-91, 1994, 1997 Won World Cup
1985 Gold medal at World Superchampionships; bronze at World Championships; silver at Tiblisi Tournament; Sports Festival Champion (Baton Rouge, Louisiana); Midlands Tournament Champion
1986 Won World Championship; gold medal at Goodwill Games; Sports Festival Champion (Chapel Hill, North Carolina); Midlands Tournament Champion
1987 Bronze medal at World Championships; gold at Pan-American Games; Midlands Tournament Champion
1988 Silver medal at the Olympic games; silver at World Cup Championships; Pan-American Champion
1989 Pan-American Champion; silver medal at World Championships; won World Wrestling Grand Championship
1990 Silver medal at Goodwill Games; silver at World Championship; Grand Masters Champion
1991 Gold medal at Pan-American Games
1992 Gold medal at the Olympic games; won U.S. Grand Prix Championship
1993 Won World Championship; won U.S. Grand Prix Championship; silver medal at World Cup
1994 Bronze medal at Goodwill Games; silver at World Championship
1995 Won World Championship; gold medal at Pan-American Games; won silver at World Cup; won James E. Sullivan Award
1996 Bronze medal at the Olympic games
2000 Named a Legend of the Century by the New York Athletic Club
2001 Inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame in New Jersey
2002 Inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum

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