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John McEnroe Biography

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American tennis player

One of most successful tennis players of all time, John McEnroe was a dominant force whose reputation was built just as much on his personality as it was on his fantastic play on the court. Known for his violent verbal abuse of ballboys, line judges, chair judges and himself, the McEnroe tirades became just as common as McEnroe victories—and he had plenty of those. During his career as a professional, John McEnroe won 17

John McEnroe

Grand Slam titles, 77 career singles titles and 77 doubles titles. He has also been a mainstay of United States Davis Cup play, holding the American Davis Cup records for most wins, ties played, years played and singles wins (41). When he retired from the professional tour in 1992, he had an incredible singles record of 856 wins, 158 losses and 75 titles. Though he left professional tennis, John McEnroe remains a great presence in the sport as one of the mainstays on the Seniors Tour, as well as in the tennis broadcast booth.


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