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Mary T. Meagher

Madame Butterfly

About one month after the Pan Am Games, at the 1979 Long-Course Senior National Swimming Championships, Meagher broke her own world record in the morning preliminaries, swimming the 200-meter in 2:08.41. Coming back for the evening finals, she shattered that record with a time of 2:07.01. The fourteen-year-old girl swam a faster butterfly than nearly half of the men in the competition.

Setting her sights on the 1980 Olympic Games, Meagher broke another world record—in the 100-meter butterfly—at the 1980 Indoor National Swimming Championships, with a time of 59.26, .2 faster than German Olympic gold medalist Andrea Pollack's. By this time, Meagher had earned a new nickname: Madame Butterfly.

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