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Rick Mears


1951 Born on December 3 in Wichita, Kansas
1973 Wins several off-roading championships
1973 Son Clint Ravon is born
1974 Wins several Formula Vee and Super Vee races
1975 Son Cole Ray is born
1976 Meets Roger Penske
1976 Wins United States Auto Club Rookie of the Year award
1978 Becomes substitute driver on Penske's team
1978 Wins first Indy car championship in Milwaukee
1978 Races in first Indianapolis 500
1978 Named Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year
1979 Wins pole position at Indianapolis 500
1979 Wins first Indianapolis 500 race
1979 Wins first Championship Auto Racing Team National Championship
1982 Suffers facial burns in a pit fire at an Indianapolis 500 practice session
1984 Wins second Indianapolis 500 race
1984 Crashes at Sanair Speedway, badly injuring both feet
1986 Marries Christyn Bowen
1988 Wins third Indianapolis 500 race
1991 Crashes for the first time at the Indianapolis 500 during a practice session
1991 Wins fourth Indianapolis 500 race
1992 Crashes in Indianapolis 500 practice session and race
1992 Retires from driving
1992 Becomes adviser and driving coach for Team Penske
1992 Forms Indy Light team with brother Roger
2002 Divorces Christyn Bowen
2002 Enters alcohol treatment program

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